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Like many musicians around the world, you can enjoy the free resources of this website. In the same spirit of versatility, research of understanding and mastery of musical phenomena in a coherent whole, I offer different services for composers.


About the services


All services are offered as freelance with the possibility to study your project

to establish an estimate for free.

​​Orchestrator, copyist and engraver

Orchestrating or copying the scores of more than 80 feature films, concerts for symphonic orchestra, big band, musical comedy ... allows me to adapt to the needs of each composer for the preparation of any recording or concert :

- orchestration according to handwritten sketches or MIDI mockups

- finalization of orchestration and transcription according to detailed MIDI mockups and / or audio files

- copy of scores according to a detailed manuscript or finalized MIDI mockups

- finalization of orchestral material from Sibelius or Dorico files

- printing and binding


Through my experiences as an orchestral musician, conducting and the research work I have done with musicians from different sections, I am able to design a material with the highest level of writing accuracy. In addition to saving time in repetition or recording, this accuracy of realization, allows you to get a final result much closer to what you can expect from a simple transcription.


Custum virtual instruments

Following the first releases of inouï samples instruments, several composers ordered custom virtual instruments. Shepard Designer is originally designed specifically for composer Jérôme LEMONNIER, or Your Colors for composer Romain TROUILLET.

Depending on your needs, I can:
  - help  you before recording to:
    - draw the instrument plans
    - define the sample choices
    - anticipate specific needs during the recording session
- record
- clean and edit samples (advice or production)
- export, rename and integrate the samples (advice or production)
- script for Kontakt
- define the necessary elements for the UI
- assemble and finalize the instrument

Several projects are currently in preparation with different French studios. My rates are adapted to the distribution you have planned (exclusive use, marketing with or without mention of inouï samples, freeware ...).



After starting as a soloist, chamber and orchestra musician for live events, I decided to get specialized in recording. In parallel to these experiences of classical and contemporary music, I played in various concert styles as jazz, klezmer, cuban music, pop-rock (on saxophone), cabaret evenings...

I offer you my services for all your recordings, whether you are looking for the softness of a velvet sound or an explosive virtuosity. For concerts, I need to measure my commitments before embarking on a project to be the one you can rely on for both the quality of interpretation and involvement.

Clarinette 64x64.png

You can find the complete list of my references on

This list includes works for composers Jérôme LEMONNIER, Ronan MAILLARD, Erwann CHANDON, Damien SALANÇON, Pascal LE PENNEC, François-Eudes CHANFRAUT, Martin RAPPENEAU, Christophe LA PINTA, Laurent COUSON, Nathaniel MÉCHALY, Maïdi ROTH...

For live events, I orchestrated, copied or engraved pieces for Archie SHEPP, François-David MOREAU, Fabrice ABOULKER, Michela TROVAJOLI, Pierre-André ATHANÉ... that have been played by formations such as the Attica Blue Big-Bang, the Orchestre Philharmonique de Besançon, the Orchestre Symphonique de Québec, the Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal...

As clarinetist, I played as soloist with different orchestras MOZART's concerto, WEBER's 2nd concerto, ROSSINI's introduction, thema and variations, WAGNER's Largo, PIAZZOLA' Oblivion, WILLIAMS's score from The terminal and some of my creations such as my 3rd concerto. In chamber music, I played over one hundred pieces from classical music to contemporary creations.

In studio, I played the clarinet for composers as Selma MUTAL, Emmanuel BLANC, Julie ROUÉ, Jérôme LEMONNIER, Erwann CHANDON, François-Eudes CHANFRAULD, Marc HAZART... mostly in Paris, sometimes elsewhere en even at AIR studios in London!

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